3D Printing

Bring 3D Printed Models to Life with Rub On Transfers

Thanks to 3D printing, prototypes for product development can now be created in minutes instead of days, weeks or months—and rub-on transfers can help you cross the finish line even faster. 

3D printed models make it possible to quickly create a prototype of almost anything imaginable, from aircraft and automotive components, to toys and action figures, to consumer goods and electronics—but the printed models sometimes lack the graphics, details, and colors of a finished product. Rub on transfers are a great way to add the finishing touches that will give your 3D printed prototype a more realistic look. 

Apply custom graphics to almost any 3D printing material.
There are many 3D printing materials available, including resin, stainless steel, and ceramic. Rub on transfers may be applied to any of these surfaces.

Print your vision, in 3D.
By definition, 3D printing is not flat—but it can still be a challenge for makers to apply finely detailed graphics to non-flat surfaces. Fortunately, rub on transfers work on surfaces that are curved, uneven, or rough, too. (Click here for a demo on how to apply a rub on transfer.)

Add realistic detail to any 3D printed prototype.
There are many ways you can use a rub on transfer to bring your brand image to life. Apply sharp, crisp numerals to a 3D printed watch face. Enhance 3D printed control panels with numbers, icons or text. Add fresh colors or custom graphics to a 3D printed model. You can even try out different graphics on your prototype to see what you like best.

Easily test graphics on 3D printed models.
Research and development is a trial-and-error process—and fortunately, it’s now much easier (and less expensive) to try out different graphic approaches using rub-on transfers and 3D printed prototypes. You can try different colors and see how they look against various substrates, determine the best placement of graphics, and adjust the size of graphics and type until everything looks just right. This testing process may also reveal potential problems, which can then be solved in the prototyping phase, eliminating larger and more costly problems later.

Try special colors and finishes.
Color Vu rub on transfers come in a wide variety of colors, including metallics, fluorescents, and Pantone colors, enabling you to add special effects to your 3D printed model.

Print Finely Detailed Text and Graphics on 3D Printed Models — at a low cost.
Best of all, rub on transfers can be created very inexpensively and even at low quantities. You may be surprised at the level of quality and detail you can achieve—and we can’t wait to see how our rub-on transfers will bring your 3D printed project to life.

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