Custom Dry Transfers for Healthcare Products

Custom dry transfers have countless applications throughout the healthcare industry. Whether you need a single product branded or everything in your hospital room labeled, Color Vu can help you out.

Blister Pack Printing

From brand names, expiration dates, and instructions to days of the week, times, and other important information, rub down transfers are often used to add these details on the blister pack packaging that holds pills.

Rub Down Transfers for Medical Glass Gadgets

Test tubes, beakers, and other glass medical gadgets commonly use custom transfers for the numbers, line increments, volume, and brand name.

Dry Transfers for Hearing Aids

The brand name, volume controls, and other icons on a hearing aid typically use rub down transfers for a crisp and clean application.

Custom Rub on Transfers for Medical Equipment and Aids

  • Thermometer. Thermometers typically feature rub on transfers in order to get all the numbers and notches just right and to ensure consistency from one product to the next. They can also be used to add your brand name to the product.
  • Blood Pressure Machines. Dry transfers allow you to accurately label your blood pressure machine with start, stop, SYS, DIA, pulse, and the corresponding measurements.
  • Oxygen Machines. It’s essential that oxygen machine readings are extremely accurate as someone’s life could literally depend on it. Custom transfers allow you to get the labeling perfect, so that there’s never any confusion when reading the results.
  • Needle Syringes. When distributing shots, fluids, or other medication through a needle syringe, the correct dosage is of the utmost importance, as not enough or too much can be deadly.

We have multiple finishing types available on all of our rub on transfers. If you need any of your medical equipment labeled or branded, contact Color Vu today!