Our rub down transfers can be applied quickly and easily in a matter of seconds. Using your artwork, we quickly create custom dry transfers that will adhere to a wide variety of materials, including plastic, glass, metal, wood, and paper. Here’s how to apply your custom rub down transfers:


Step 1: Cut Out transfer


Trim out the artwork you wish to apply from the transfer sheet and remove the parchment
paper backing.

Step 3: Rubdown Transfer


Ensure the position is correct, and gently rub the transfer with your finger to create a basic adhesion. Next, continue the transfer by rubbing across the top of the dry transfer using a burnishing tool, such as the cap of a ballpoint pen. Use firm, medium pressure.

Step 2: ALIGN Transfer


Position the transfer over the area where you would like to apply it, with the adhesive side facing
the product.

Step 4: Peel Away paper


Gently pull back the plastic carrier sheet from its edge, and peel it away slowly. If the artwork is still sticking to the sheet, place it back down and continue rubbing until it releases easily and completely. Now, step back and admire your finished work.


For better adhesion, place a piece of the parchment paper backing sheet over your adhered transfer and use your burnishing tool to rub it down one more time. This will remove bubbles and improve adhesion. To make your transfer last even longer, you may choose to apply a clear coat over the top. For additional tips and clear coat recommendations, see our FAQ and Resources page.