Custom Rub On Transfers for Metal Surfaces

Do you need an image transferred onto a metal surface for your motor or electronic product? Color Vu offers custom rub on transfers for metal to help you get the job done. Some of our most common applications include printing logos, letters, numbers, and other designs.

Metal Transfers in the Motorworld

Graphics are quite common in the motor world, and dry transferring images onto metal allow you to professionally print your design or message. Do you have a limited-edition release of a new motorcycle? With custom numbers, you can clearly mark bike, so people know that they’re getting an authentic ride that’s part of the special collection. Metal transfers are also commonly used on control panels for airplanes, boats, and other motor vehicles.

Rub On Transfers for Metal Electronics

  • Tech Products. Metal transfers allow you to see different logo placement and design options when working with electronic prototypes before bringing your product to market. They also allow you to include serial numbers, product names, and other important information in a way that’s both crisp and clean. In the electronics world, uniformity is often key. Custom dry transfers for metal surfaces ensure that you get those pertinent facts professionally printed on all of your products, such as phones, laptops, and other electronic devices. Whether you need letter transfers for a metal type keyboard or a graphic printed on a phone case or phone, we’ve worked on countless metal items in the electronics industry and are dedicated to providing you with stunning finished products.
  • Appliances. Dry transfers are an excellent way to test out a new name or logo on washers, dryers, refrigerators, and other home goods. As these household items tend to be quite large, you’ll likely test multiple prototypes before ultimately choosing the final one, and this process is an efficient way to see all of your possible options.

Custom rub on transfers for metal surfaces allow you to print practically anything you can imagine on most types of metal. Are you ready to begin your next project? Contact Color Vu to discuss our various finishing types and other available options!