Custom Dry Transfers for Automobiles and Other Vehicles

In the automotive industry, rub on transfers are quite common, and since each type of vehicle is slightly different from the next, the specific labels each needs will vary as such. That’s why, Color Vu offers custom dry transfers for cars, planes, boats, and other motor vehicles.


From speedometer numbers and ticks to fuel gage ticks and the F/E symbol, there are a ton of opportunities for unique rub down transfers on dashboards. It’s essential that these small yet important marks are consistent, and the dry transfer technique is one of the best way to ensure precision uniformity.

AC Controls

Our custom rub on transfers for automobiles come in a variety of colors, making them ideal for AC controls—blue for cold and red for warm. They’re commonly used in seat heaters and coolers as well.

Car Control Icons

There are many controls in a car that need to be properly labeled, such as the door lock/unlock and window up/down buttons. Transfers will ensure that your icons are consistently placed throughout the vehicle.

Icons for Car Keys

Most car keys see use on a daily basis, so it’s essential that their icons are fade resistant and easy to read. Dry transfers allow you to apply the necessary icons, including lock, unlock, remote start, horn, and emergency, in a clean and durable manner.

Serial Number

Most vehicles need a serial number, and dry transfers make this process a breeze. We can even create permanent applications with clear coat sprays.

Control Panels

Often found in airplanes and boats, control panels require a ton of detailed lettering and icons. With custom rub on transfers from Color Vu, you can accurately label any type of control panel.

Are you in need of custom dry transfers for automobiles? Check out our various finishing types, and contact Color Vu to begin your next project.