Custom Rub On Transfers for Plastic Surfaces

Custom rub on transfers for plastic surfaces are ideal for a variety of products, especially when they’re in the prototyping phase. They’re a quick, easy, and affordable way to see what your product will look like once it’s designed and branded. You can test out multiple options in order to see which variation looks best. Then, you’ll have a clear idea of what your finished product will look like. From letters and numbers to logos and other designs, we can print virtually anything you can imagine.


The beverage industry commonly uses plastic transfers for drinking bottles. A water bottle with a rub down transfer of your company’s logo is not only practical, but it will get your brand in front of your potential customers every time they reach for a drink.

Toys and Dolls

As toys continue to become more elaborate, transfers are a great way to perfect all the intricate details during the prototyping phase. Take dolls for example. You can easily test out tons of different eye shapes, lips, and other features on your blank canvas before sending the product into mass production.

3D Models and Molded Items

Plastic is such a versatile material, and it’s commonly used to create 3D models and other molded items. If you need to transfer a printed image to a plastic surface, rub down transfers are the way to go. Whether you wish to print a number, letter, or custom design, the sky’s the limit.

So, if you’re branding a new product or updating an existing one, dry transfers for plastic surfaces make it feasible to see all of your possible options at once in order to make the best decision for your final product. We also have a variety of finishing types available. Interested in custom rub on transfers for plastic surfaces? Contact Color Vu to get started on your next plastic project!