Color Vu cannot control conditions of application. No warranties are made, expressed or implied. Users of our products should determine the suitability for their particular needs and applications prior to ordering and use. This includes the transfer’s adhesive strength as it relates to your prototype model. Although we have determined that our adhesive works on generally 95% of surface area types, Color Vu recommends requesting a sample prior to placing an order if you are concerned. Color Vu cannot control the removal process of the transfer or label if it is positioned incorrectly and needs to be removed to be repositioned again. Color Vu can only suggest what to do but cannot be held liable for any damage the removal process may cause to your product. See our "application instructions" document located elsewhere on our website for more information about the removal process. Color Vu will only advise types of clear coats, which are available for any transfer application needing a protective coating. Color Vu cannot be held liable for any undesired finish the clear coat will result in or any damage it may cause to your prototype or product. Color Vu will make every effort possible to match all colors correctly but be advised that we are not responsible should there be a color shift. If color is absolutely critical, Color Vu advises that you send a sample swatch for us to match to, as swatch guides may differ slightly from one to another. Color Vu will make every effort in delivering your order on time, but please be aware that we cannot control delivery of FedEx as weather and mechanical problems can hinder the expected time of delivery. Color Vu makes every effort to help the customer by reducing cost where it can for the customer. This also applies should any incorrect color or size of artwork be made by mistake of the customer. Color Vu is in business to be helpful and to provide the customer with our 100% customer satisfaction policy, but only within reason as stated in this warranty. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at 888-868-7848.