Custom Dry Transfers for Electronics

Custom dry transfers for electronics are a clean and effective way to add logos, labels, and other symbols to a variety of devices. Some of our most common applications include the following.

Computer and Keyboard Models

From text and lines on circuit boards, hard drives, and random-access memory (RAM) to keyboard letters and numbers, dry transfer lettering for electronics will leave you with a beautiful product built.  

Phones and Cases

Whether you need your company logo on your latest smartphone or custom designs for your cases, rub down transfers allow you to get the detailing just right.  

Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen gadgets often have on/off switches, mixing speeds, temperature indicators, and other instructions on them. With so much tiny yet crucial text, dry transferring makes sure you’re able to place important information on your products. 

Household Gadgets

Vacuums, soundbars, and other household gadgets are just filled with opportunities to place custom transfers. We can print any type of transfer you may need, such as a logo, brand name, on/off switch, or other button label.

TVs and Remote Controls

  • TV Remote Controls. From the volume and channel buttons to the on/off switch and more, we offer a variety of custom rub on transfer options.
  • TVs. Our dry transfers can help you label each button and port on the TV, making it easier for your users to operate. These typically label functions like power, input, aux, and HDMI.


With so many brands of headphones on the market, it’s all about the details when it comes to differentiating your product. With our advanced rub on transfer process, we can make sure that your logo looks absolutely stunning.

Do you need custom dry transfers for electronic devices? Check out our huge selection of finishing types to get started. Get a complimentary quote from Color Vu today!