Stand out from the Crowd!

Candy Packaging.jpg

The candy and snack world is booming, but how will you stand out from the crowd!   More and more consumers are looking for a natural and healthy lifestyle which has rolled over to the snack and confections industry!  Lower sugar, No Carbs, Gluten Free, Soy Free.... the list goes on and on!   How do you make your product stand out from the endless rows of snacks and candy.  Through your design but of course!

With prototyping we can help you determine what package design, finish, shape and colors captivate your consumers enough to make them pull YOUR package off the shelf!  Unsure if you prefer a matte, gloss or dual spot / gloss combo finish?   Let us comp up each version for you to test with peers or consumer groups to understand what appeals most to them!

The 2018 Sweets & Snacks Expo is quickly approaching, do you have packaging samples to present to potential buyers?   Don't miss this chance to get your product in the hands of buyers due to the delayed production of printing your final packaging.  We can help!   Virtual can turn samples in as little as 72, 48 and 24hrs!  Let us help you jazz up your tradeshow booth with our pristine prototype samples!

Need oversize samples of your packaging to draw crowds in?  We can help with this too!   No matter the size, shape or finish!  Oversize packages are a huge win at shows and are one of the best types of decor to draw people in!   And the best part, its your beautiful package but Larger than Life!

Contact us today to see how we can help YOU stand out from the crowd!