Add Polish to Cosmetic Packaging with Rub on Transfers

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Cosmetics enhance beauty, express creativity and add personality to an individual’s look—and cosmetic packaging can have the same effect on your product line. As with high quality cosmetics, exceptional cosmetics packaging will attract attention, highlight your best features, and showcase your distinctive sense of style. Custom rub-on transfers are a great resource to enhance cosmetic packaging design, and ensure your product stands out—even if your makeup line isn’t yet ready for mass production.

Here’s how this unique printing technique can take your cosmetics packaging and product prototypes to the next level.

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1. Add custom artwork to almost any surface.

Glass. Plastic. Paper. Metal. Rub on transfers can be adhered to a wide variety of surfaces, including bottles and lids, jars, cardboard boxes, and most materials commonly used in cosmetics packaging. You can add your logo, brand name, product ingredients, custom illustrations and more, directly to the surface of your cosmetics packaging, for professional-quality results even when quantities are small. 

2. Create shelf-ready packaging at a low cost.

Commercial print runs with large quantities can be costly—but sometimes you just need a few samples for a trade show, presentation, photo shoot, or product rollout. Or, you may just want to see your graphics come to life, or test multiple design options. Rub on transfers lend a professional edge to cosmetics packaging, and are a great simulation of direct printing at the production level. They can also be created at an affordable price, whether you need just one sample or a thousand. Curious about the cost of using transfers to bring your mockups to life? Click here to get a free quote on rub on transfers for your cosmetics packaging project from Color Vu.

3. Add the “wow factor” to your cosmetic packaging with Pantone colors, metallics, foils, holographics and fluorescents.

Special effects like metallics, foils, holographics and fluorescent ink can help your brand get noticed, and convey qualities like luxury (picture your logo embossed on leather, with a regal gold foil finish) or youth (imagine hand-drawn illustrations printed in bright, fluorescent colors on Kraft packaging). Color Vu offers all of these special print techniques, and can even use most industry foils. If you can visualize it, a rub on transfer can help bring it to life. 

Of course, customers aren’t only attracted to new and different cosmetics packaging. They also choose familiar brands they know and love. New cosmetic products launched within existing lines may need to adhere to brand standards, including colors, typefaces and styles, to create the sense of consistency customers expect from their favorite brand. To ensure your cosmetic packaging is on-brand, be sure to specify the Pantone colors you wish to match when you order rub down transfers. Almost any color can be successfully reproduced.

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4. Get high-quality prototypes before printing a full order.

Sometimes the only way to discover which cosmetics packaging design will catch a customer’s eye, and which one they’ll pass by, is to create a prototype and try it out. Will your logo look better printed in white on a frosted glass jar, or in bright silver foil on a black paper wrap? Rub on transfers make it easier to test out several designs and see what sticks, without blowing your marketing budget.

5. What can rub down transfers do for your cosmetics packaging?

Are you targeting a new market with a natural, organic look? Creating clean cosmetics packaging for a brand that touts scientific ingredients? Crafting a design that conveys exceptional quality and elegance? Cosmetic packaging can communicate your brand’s qualities to potential customers without saying a word. Rub down transfers can enhance cosmetics packaging dramatically, helping you create designs that command attention, and beg to be bought.

Ready to get started on your rub down transfer? Click here for a free quote.

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