Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions about dry transfers. Have a question you don’t see here? Just ask.

+ What is a dry transfer?

A dry transfer is a method of transferring images, lettering or numbers from a specially printed translucent sheet to another surface, by using light pressure or rubbing. Dry transfers are also called rub on transfers or rub down transfers. At ColorVu, we create high quality custom rub on transfers by printing our customers’ graphics onto a surface coated with a special adhesive. The adhesive we use allows the dry transfer to adhere to wood, glass, plastic, metal and almost any surface, as long as it is cleaned to remove any dust or oil. The reason this printing method is called a dry transfer is because no water is used in the application. The end result looks so professional, it appears as though the image was printed directly on the product or surface.

+ What colors can I choose?

The sky's the limit. We will provide a match to any color you provide.

+ Can you match Pantone colors?

Yes. We can match all colors from the Pantone (PMS) color system with our custom dry transfers.

+ How many colors can I use in my dry transfer?

There is no limit to the number of colors you can have per transfer.

+ Do you provide foil, metallic, and fluorescent options?

Yes, we offer many different types of foil and metallic dry transfers. We can match to foils manufactured by API, Crown Roll, Kurs and Infinity. If you possess a foil produced by another manufacturer, feel free to send us a sample and we will strive to match it. We also offer holographic, glow in the dark, and fluorescent dry transfers.

+ What is the difference between foil and metallic?

Foil will be more reflective, similar to an actual foil stamp. Metallic inks are printed with metallic PMS colors, and will have a more dull appearance.

+ Will the dry transfer have a gloss or matte finish when applied?

We can produce either a gloss or matte finish dry transfer. Let us know which finish you prefer.

+ Can I mix and match glossy and matte on one sheet?

Unfortunately, not at this time. We can only apply one finish type per sheet.

+ Are transfers permanent?

Are transfers permanent? Dry transfers are considered semi permanent. You can apply a clear coat to the transfer once applied to make them more durable, last longer, etc. For more information about clear coats, please click here.

+ What is the average turnaround time on an order?

The standard turnaround on an order is 72 hours, although we do offer 48-hour, 24-hour and same day turnaround for an additional fee. We specialize in high quality, fast image transfers.

+ What is the minimum order quantity?

There is no minimum. If you provide us the design, we will fill the smallest sheet size needed with the artwork.

+ How do you apply a dry transfer to an item?

Click here for application instructions. If you like, we may also provide the service of applying the transfer for you. Additional fees may apply.

+ What surfaces can a dry transfer be applied to?

Our custom dry transfers can be applied to metal, glass, plastic, wood, and almost any other surface you can think of — as long as it is free of oil and dust. Our customers have applied our rub down transfers to baseball bats, musical instruments, motorcycles, watch faces, boxes, electronics and more.

+ What do I need to provide to place an order?

An Adobe Illustrator art file is the preferred file format. We are able to accept some Photoshop files, as long as the resolution is above 300 dpi. For any file, we need the art to be outlined. Also, we must know what type of surface you are applying the transfer to, so that we can build the dry transfer with the correct type of adhesive.

+ How do I create outlines in my file?

Below is a link to an article, and a video. Both explain how to create outlines in your file. We do not own either of these resources, nor do we hold the copyright — we just think they’re helpful.

Article on Creating Outlines

Video on Creating Outlines

+ How much art can I place on each page?

The amount of artwork pieces you can place on each page depends on the size of the transfer and sheet you order. We strive to maximize the amount of art on each page.

+ What is included with my order?

Your order includes a dry transfer sheet and 1 applicator, for all new customers. For instructions on application, please click here.