Custom Rub On Transfers for Wood Surfaces

When it comes to custom rub on transfers for wood surfaces, the possibilities are endless. Some of our most popular applications include:

  • Baseball bats. Autographs are quite common in the sports world, but the ink in pens and markers isn’t designed to last. That’s why, rub on letters for wood are a common alternative - you can accurately transfer the signatures of famous players onto your bats and other wooden equipment without worrying about the name fading.
  • Guitars. Replicate a celebrity signature on a transfer, and then apply it to your guitar. It’s designed to last, unlike a pen that will eventually smudge out.
  • Pool Cues. Rub on decals for wood are quite common for pool cues, especially at the professional level. Whether you need letters for your name and logo or a design for the end of the cue, we can create a look that accurately represents your brand both on and off the table.
  • Gift Boxes. Customize your next corporate gift with a dry transfer of a name, monogram, logo, or other design on the box. Not only does it add a personalized touch, but it will help your clients remember you. Everyone likes receiving presents, and a customized gift will surely leave lasting impression on any one of your clients.
  • Artwork. Dry transfers allow you to create a beautiful piece of wood art with a message or design that’s meant to last. Whether you want to print an image, an abstract design, or a quote in beautiful lettering, let your imagination run wild.

Custom rub on transfers for wood are an easy way to add a unique, personalized touch to your wood products. We also have a variety of finishing types that will help you best capture your brand’s essence. From lettering and numbering to custom designs and company logos, we can do it all. Get the ball rolling on your next project—contact Color Vu today!