Custom Dry Transfers for Tech Products

Custom rub on transfers are a sleek and sophisticated way to add logos, brand names, designs, and other artwork to your tech products. From laptop cases, medical equipment, and computers to phones, printers, and more, we’ve got you covered. Check out some common applications that Color Vu can help you with.

Custom Decals for Laptop Cases

Are you looking to spruce up your laptop by adding a personalized touch to the case? Whether you need a company logo or a custom design, rub down transfers for laptop cases allow you to add completely customized artwork to your products.

Dry Transfers for Medical Equipment

Transfers are an effective way to make sure that the numbers, notches, and other pertinent information on medical equipment are placed just right. We commonly add x5, x10, and x25 to microscope lenses. Other applications include transfers for beakers, test tubes, and any hospital room equipment.

Rub On Transfers for Computer Icons

From testing new keyboard fonts to adding your company’s logo, transfers are a great solution to test out multiple options before deciding on a final product.

Custom Dry Transfers for Phones

When you’re testing out logos, colors, fonts, and other branding ideas on a phone, rub down transfers are a great way to see all of your options at once. Once you’re done, you can confidently send your final design into production.

Rub Down Transfers for Printers

Dry transfers can be used for anything on the top of a printer, including brand names, serial numbers, color options, the on/off switch, and more.  

All of our transfers for tech products are available in a variety of finishing types. Whether you’re bringing a brand new product to market or rebranding an existing one, contact Color Vu to discuss your different options!