Custom Dry Transfers for Sporting Goods and Memorabilia

When it comes to sporting goods and memorabilia, custom dry transfers are extremely popular. It’s an effective way to add brand names, logos, autographs, and other designs to your products and equipment. Check out some of our most popular applications to get started.  

Autographed and Branded Equipment

It’s fairly easy to add celebrity autographs to baseball bats, footballs, guitars, and other items with custom rub on transfers. This process is much more durable than a pen or marker that’s prone to fading over time, leaving you with a stunning product for years to come. Dry transfers are also an ideal solution if you need to add your company name or logo to the equipment.

Custom Equipment

Since most pool balls and cue sticks essentially look the same, rub down transfers are a great way to personalize your equipment and leave a lasting impression. Color Vu can help you add a brand name, company logo, or individualize design.

Print on Trophies

You can celebrate someone’s accomplishment by including their name, date, achievement, and even a message on the trophy. A custom rub down transfer for trophies makes the award so much more meaningful, and it will leave a great impression with the recipient.

Logos on Helmets

Football, hockey, baseball, BMX, and many other sports require helmets, and dry transfers are a great way to add mascots, logos, and other designs to player headgear. Whatever vision you have for your team, we’ll bring it to life with a stunning transfer.

If you need dry transfers for sporting goods and memorabilia, Color Vu has a variety of finishing types to suit any style. From autographed equipment and branded products to personalized trophies and customized helmets, we’ve got you covered. Get the ball rolling on your next project—contact us for a complimentary quote today.