Custom Dry Transfers for Health & Beauty Products

Cosmetics are designed to enhance beauty, and their packaging should convey that message. With custom dry transfers for health and beauty products from Color Vu, you can add your brand name or logo in a stunning way. Less bulky than a wrapper, a rub down transfer can really take your product to the next level in terms of class and elegance.

Custom Rub on Transfers for Makeup Products, Brushes, and Cases

For the most part, makeup serves the same purpose across the board. Lipstick adds color and texture, highlighter makes your skin glow, and eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara help your eyes stand out. Brushes are for application purposes, and cases are designed to hold everything in one place. In order to differentiate yourself as a brand, it’s all about the packaging. So, whether your container is small or large, we can create a custom rub on transfer for cosmetics with your name, logo, or other design.

Custom Transfers for High End Bottle Labeling

From foundations and moisturizers to setting sprays and more, many types of cosmetics come in a bottle. Custom transfers for bottles make it easy to include your brand’s name, logo, product information, and instructions in a sleek way.

Rub Down Transfers for Perfume Bottles

Although they come in all shapes and sizes, perfume is almost always packaged in a bottle. In order to stand out from the other bottles on the shelf, it’s important that the packaging is just right. From your brand name and logo to the font and designs you choose, placement and overall look are absolutely crucial. Custom transfers for perfume bottles allow you to test out a variety of options before choosing the winner.

If you need a custom dry transfer for makeup, cosmetic brushes, high-end bottles, perfume, or other products in the health and beauty industry, we have a variety of finishing types available to help you best present your brand. Contact Color Vu today for a complimentary quote on your next project.